Why Hip Pain?

Hip joints have character like a ball that enjoy the highest freedom of motion in the body and moreover they must bare body weight in lying, sitting especially in cross leg position or Z-sitting and rotate hip in sitting, standing during barring symmetrical weight or standing with take more weight to one leg and running. So hip joints degeneration can be after working a long time.

Hip Pain Causes

How do you know if you’re one of the people at risk for hip pain? There are several factors that can put you at higher risk.

  • Muscles injury are not only hip muscle or thigh muscle but include back muscle also when you do the activity or same repetitive movement until it become to your behavior
  • Degenerate by being old or being overweight. Hips carry most of our weight each day, which can be very hard on the cartilage in the joints so if you’re in one of overweight factor your hips must carry more weight and cartilage can get more injury
  • Up to half of all cases of hip pain or arthritis may be related to inherited genetics, whether that is a family member with osteoarthritis or simply having genes for poor bone health or hip alignment, which eventually leads to arthritis.
  • Women are higher to hip pain than men. In fact, they are at greater risk for all types of joint pain or osteoarthritis. Experts think this may be because of maternal genetic risks, how female hormones interact with joint cartilage, and the fact that women are more likely than men to be obese.

Hip Pain Symptoms

The most common indication of hip pain is feeling tight, congest or discomfort in the hip. Typically, you feel pain and popping sound in the hip joint, but this depends on the cause. Conversely if hip pain was inattentive to treatment until it has a shooting pain or feel sensitive is mean your cartilage gets injury already and lead to muscle and alignment change