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What means Stroke?

An accident as a stroke happens when blood stop supply the brain by a blood clot, problems into artery or blood vessel. The consequences are due to lacks of oxygens damaging the brain.

Stroke Anatomy

How is the anatomy of the Stroke accident in the brain oxygen supply.

Stages of Stroke

3 Types of Stroke

Ischemic stroke.

Also called: Embolic Stroke, Thrombotic stroke.
Is the most common type. This keeps blood from flowing to the brain.
Within minutes, brain cells begin to die.

Hemorrhagic stroke.

Blood from an artery begins bleeding into the brain.
A weakened blood vessel bursts and bleeds into the surrounding brain. Pressure from the leaked blood damages brains cells and the damaged area is unable to function properly.

Transient ischemic attack

(a warning or “mini-stroke”).
A few minutes.
The blood who supply the part of the brain is briefly blocked.
They happen suddenly, and include numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body.

The Balance Physio Pilates Services


For some patients after a long period at hospital, Pilates exercises means getting back on to the sporting field without injury, for others it means learning to walk again after a stroke. Learning how to feel confident into walking process or standing is basic & Primary function.
But no matter what the injury or illness, the same basic desire to move was the driving force behind treatment.

Start to walk with Balance and against the spasticity (lack of control foot and foot drop).
Using Myofascial release unlocking tissues rigidity and tension.
Myofacia release help to connect tissues, muscles, joints and ligaments.
It helps to bring hydration to specific parts of the body.

Physiotherapist will help to stimulate affected muscles, nerves to maintain blood circulation and reduce stiffness and help the person to move to next stage of stroke recovery… relearn muscle movements

Our Skills




At Studio Learn Exercises and Pilates for Post Stroke rehab.

We Need To Move Well To Live Well

  • Start to walk with Balance and against the spasticity (lack of control foot and foot drop)
  • Exercises for legs on Specific adapted Machines with isolation muscles
  • Knees and legs extension exercises
  • Pilates Exercises for hip flexors (Playing with knees on the chest for home)
  • Seated and standing
  • Feet and ankle mobility and control (Dorsiflexion and felxion)
  • Pilates for Core activation (Toe Tap Core Exercise)
  • Pilates for spine mobility, front/back, Side to side and rotational
  • Pilates Exercises for arms, hands and fingers (Exercises to recover flexibility, control and strength)
  • Pilates for shoulders and hips mobility

Stroke Exercises at Studio

Learn at the Studio with our experts – Improve your mobility and functionality in a safety environment.

Stroke Exercises at Home

Learn at the Studio with our experts and continue at home to improve muscles stimulation and right movement.

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