Step 1

Consultation with Physiotherapist

From the observation, your history and Pain level or restrictions of mobility, we will:

  • Body reading (How is your Posture)
  • Body Assessment ( Mobility in all body)

Based on observation and discussion, a first strategy program will be designed for the first sessions and re evaluate.

Step 2

Exercises with Physio-Pilates

Based on the strategy, our Physio-Pilates experts will use:

  • Pilates
  • Exercises  Physiotherapy
  • Myofascia release techniques

Our mission is educating our customers to understand the reason of the pain or injuries and use correctly their abilities to change habits.

Step 3

Home exercises – New Habits

Habits are the key to reach new standard of correct posture, reducing wrong tension.

  • 30% Learning exercises with your Physio-Pilates
  • 70% At Home

The positive results depends on how much the customers will do home work.

Re – Body reading & Body assessment to evaluate the progress and results.

Our expertise Area of success…

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Office Syndrome






Pelvic floor problems

Hip pain

Hip surgery rehab

Plantar fascialitis

Stress fracture on calcauneus

Flat Feet

High Arches

Bow Legs

Knock Knees

Knees pre or post surgery

Spines Problems


Back Pain



Breathing system

Shoulders After Surgery

Shoulder Pain

Head poor mobility

Neck tension

Wrist problems

Tennis Elbow

shoulder surgery rehab

Hands and fingers tensions