Why to do Pilates when you are playing Golf?

Most professional golfers from the PGA TOUR are training to improve their bodies and their games, and most of them (Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Rich BEAM) using Pilates. Players of all levels who practice Pilates say they have improved their games and reduces pain and injury

In Pilates we understand the Golf goals…

The movement of the body during a “Swing” is very complex. For right-handed, the most painful part of the body is the left one and often the latter suffers from acute and chronic wounds.
With training 2 times a week you can increase your flexibility and your strength and get the results and prevent muscle problems.
With the method of Pilates you will get a perfect balance of your body while extending and re enforcement your core muscles. Has thus Abs muscles, gluts, lower back, thighs also bring you a safety when your joints.
Pilates requires the integration of blown, control, flexibility, strength, precision and awareness of his own body.

With Pilates – Perfect Alignment

Re Balance your hips, shoulders, with the correct poses and training.

Pilates Stretches

That will help you find flexibility and Balance for your golf game and life.

Pilates Promotion Classes

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Pilates for Golfers – Improve your muscles – Play well – Feel good


Pilates poses – Also practiced in Golf workout