How to know if you have knock knees?

People who can not touch heels together and first contact by knees. Your knees are rotate inward. Most of the cases poeple with knock knees will develop flat  feet and collapsed arches in the feet.

This position of the knees can degenerate into pain and injuries in the future as:

  • Walking incorrectly feeling pain on knees
  • Foot, ankle, hips pain
  • Non sense of Balance or single leg stability
  • Reduced range of motion of legs
  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulders of upper back pain

Posture problems with knocked knees.

Flat Feet, Ankle over pronation, knees pain, risk of meniscus surgery, hips and pelvis in tension. The Ribcage as well as shoulders are tilting to one side increasing tension supported by spine, neck etc.

Consequences of Knock Knees?

In the long term this wrong position can degenerate in different problems as:
Meniscus Tear
Joint damage
Disc herniation

More about Osteoarthritis

Possible causes of Knock knees?

Genetics reasons:
Some developing earlier and some later. Young children almost 20% under 3 years, by the age 7 studies show that 1% still have it.
Blount’s Disease:
Disorder of the growth plates in the bones around the knee
Poor Posture:
The Network muscles of the legs are playing a large role into the knee support.

Our Solutions

Strength & Stretch
Flat Feet Rehab
Pelvis & Core

We are going to bring strength, stability and elasticity to the tissues who need it.
In Knock knees there is 2 main group of muscles into the lower extremities or legs in playing a large role:
– Muscles locked into elongation: Quads, Hips flexors & Tibialis.
– Muscles locked into contraction: Short and weak muscles as Inner Tight, internal calves, Hamstring and Fibularis muscles.

In Flat Feet and Feet over pronation, we will follow a strategy of:
1- Recover big toe function and role…
2- Stimulate the 4 arches of the feet
3- Strength gluteus mediusto improve ankle stability

As the position of the Pelvis is anterior tilt we will focus on exercises to bring mobility and bring the pelvis on the position Neutral aligned with the spine.
We often speak about Core as important and in this case his role will be stabilise the position of the spine, lower back and Pelvis position to carry correctly our pelvis when we are walking or just standing.

Our Focus

Strength & Stretch

Flat Feet Rehab

Pelvis & Core

What The Balance Pilates & Physio can do for Knock Knees Rehab?

We are experts in Pilates, Exercises for rehab, Myofascia release and Physiotherapy.

Pilates exercises: A large repertory of isolation exercises to improve strength, elasticity, stability and control.

Generic exercises: Focus on recover specific muscles using small props.

Myofascia Release: Using a manual therapy to unlock tissues and re balance the tension in different areas of your anatomy and let the exercises to get more and better results for your knock knees conditions.

Physiotherapy: Large resource of treatment, exercises and manual therapy to help you to release tension and pain.

Our solutions

Body Reading – Release the Tension

Consultation with Physiotherapist Team, Preparation of strategy based:
– Observation
– Body assessment.

Goal: Ready & understand your body

Exercises strategy & Pilates

Based on:
– Your physical conditions.
– Strategy movements.
– Physio Exercises.
– Pilates exercises to build strength and stretch.

Goal: Start to move!

Home work exercises & New Habits

Learning with experts how to:
– Practice at home
– Change your habits.
– Learn how to walk correctly

Goal: Not come back to tension and pain.

Strength weak muscles as:

  • Glutes
  • Quads & Tibialis
  • Arches of Feet
  • Big toe mobility and strength
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