Method based on Intelligent moves and Anatomy experiences.

Our method is based on knowledge of human anatomy, our teams of physiotherapists and Pilates are experts in the analysis of posture disorders, scoliosis, back problems as well as reeducation without forgetting the fitness for sports or non-sports.

All new members of group classes can analyse their posture and receive the analysis of our experts then all 20 sessions to see the evolution and the parameters to be corrected.

For clients in private sessions, a private consultation will be free and postural analysis and a weekly or monthly update depending on the particular teacher.


How to start?

  1. Contact us for more information
  2. Book your FREE consultation with Physiotherapist
    1. Do you have scoliosis?
    2. Do you feel pain on shoulders/Back/Knees
    3. Are you pregnant?
    4. Do you want to follow a rehab?
  3. Get your FREE Posture analysis
    1. Based on our technology software developed by experts in USA
    2. Based on our Physiotherapist experts
    3. Receive it on your email
  4. Start your package
    1. Choose group class, Private or Physio treatment
    2. Share with your friend if you want to get better conditions
  5. Get update your posture and improve your comfort
    1. For group class get update posture every 20 sessions
    2. For private class, get FREE update based on your goals