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Pilates Instructor Training – Polestar Pilates Reformer Course Certification Bangkok on 21 & 22 January 2017

Become a Pilates Reformer Teacher! The Pilates Instructor Training Reformer program provides Pilates Instructor Training in Pilates principles, techniques and practice with emphasis on group dynamics for the Pilates Reformer. The Pilates Reformer program consists of 3 weekends (Each 16 hrs.) course modules.

The Reformer Series is comprised of five sections. The Pilates Instructor Training must be taken in the following order: Gateway Pilates Online, Gateway Reformer, PP Online, Reformer Intermediate, Reformer Advanced. Successful completion of the series will enable participants the opportunity to gain qualification by sitting for the Reformer Exam.

Modules Schedule

Gateway Online (3 hrs.) : Must be done before start Gateway Reformer

Gateway Reformer (16 hrs.) : 21 & 22 of January 2017

PP Online (10 hrs.) : Must be done before start Reformer Intermediate

Reformer Intermediate (16 hrs.) : 25 & 26 of February 2017

Reformer Advanced (16 hrs.) : 25 & 26 of March 2017

Total : 61 hrs. course + Practicing and study hrs. total 186 hrs.

Anatomy Course : 6 hrs. – Optional – not part of Polestar Course


Information & Pricing

  • Location: The Balance Studio – Asok Sukhumvit 21
  • When: 21 & 22 of January 2017
  • Time: 12PM – 9PM
  • Duration: 186 hrs.
  • Language: ENGLISH & THAI
  • Polestar Pilates Reformer Certification

Now 15,560 HKD Only – Excluded The Exam

***Please note that if you are using a bank transfer, you are responsible for all fees, if any.***

All the Polestar Pilates Books are included into the price – No additional cost

Anatomy Course: 6 hrs. – Optional – not part of Polestar Course 4,200฿ – READ MORE – Click HERE


Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Correctly demonstrate each exercise and its progressions
  • Understand the benefits and emphasis of each exercise
  • Adapt exercise sequences for diverse populations
  • Use The Polestar screening to problem-solve
  • Design and implement a successful exercise or treatment plan using the Pilates Reformer


Polestar Pilates – Reformer Course in Bangkok last edition

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Polestar Pilates Instructor training Bangkok 20

Polestar Pilates Instructor training Bangkok 18

Polestar Pilates Instructor training Bangkok 32

Pilates instructor training Bangkok 11

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Pilates instructor training Bangkok 60

Polestar Pilates Thailand The balance studio 31

Extra study hours for the Pilates instructor training reformer in Bangkok

Reformer course hours


  • 25 hours of private or group Pilates classes (recommended).
  • Basic knowledge of Anatomy or Anatomy Course.
  • We offer a Pilates Anatomy course 2 days – 2 hours/day
    • Function of movement & bones and joints
    • Muscle anatomy of Pilates , upper body and lower body
    • Posture analysis, good posture and Abs posture
  • Price: USD 90.00


Why to choose Polestar Pilates Reformer Course Certification?

  • A method traditionally recognized worldwide and certified as a school in the USA by NCCA & PMA.
  • The only method that focuses on the Pilates Reformer and allows a more deeply approach and precise knowledge.
  • The method which brings most of education centres in Asia and allow you to continue in Thailand or in Asia your career.
  • A very competitive price offer to become Professor of Pilates Reformer.
  • A smart and modern training using online content and has both the best current educators with translators and assistants with great experience.

For Who?

For those that want to become a Pilates Instructor Training Reformer Teacher!
The health and fitness professional who is interested in basic instruction in the use of Pilates Reformer exercises to supplement their current practice. From personal trainers, to Yoga instructors to physiotherapists, this could be the perfect programme for you.
Teachers who want to add Pilates to their repertoire in order to get the best out of their students – Physical Education teachers, Ballet teachers can all add another string to their bow!

For Pilates Enthusiasts who want to experience Pilates at a deeper level. This will enable you to understand Pilates exercise in greater detail, leading to improved and more effective Pilates workouts at the studio or at home.
For Comprehensive Graduates who want to gain some knowledge of group (Mat or Reformer) teaching, and vice versa.


Gateway Pilates Online – This three hour on-line training is a requirement for all who attend any of the Gateway Pilates training courses. The on-line course consists of three lectures: Pilates history and evolution, Polestar movement principles and professional ethics and scope of practice. Each of these sections is followed by a brief written exam on-line.
Gateway Reformer (GRef) – This two-day Pilates experience will teach you how to provide four basic Pilates Reformer classes comprised of preparatory and original Pilates Reformer exercises. The Gateway educator will provide ample experiences for real time practice of each of the 4 Pilates Reformer sequences.

PP Online – This non-apparatus online course applies current research in movement science, biomechanics, kinesiology and motor learning to instructional practice through six basic movement principles that are utilised throughout the Polestar curriculum.
Reformer Intermediate (RefInt) – This 2-day course module adds depth to what was learned in Gateway, and teaches a number of Reformer exercises. The six basic Polestar Pilates Principles are incorporated into the learning process, to provide a clear understanding of the underlying fundamentals of each Reformer exercise. Programme design and exercise sequencing are addressed for a variety of group exercise and personal training settings. Verbal, tactile and imagery cues are used to facilitate motor learning.

Reformer Advanced (RefAdv) – On top of learning these Reformer exercises, Polestar Pilates Principles are applied to verbal, tactile and combined cueing. Programme design and exercise sequencing are discussed for a variety of clients and class settings. To enhance teaching outcomes, Polestar instructors provide analysis and critique of instructional styles.

Pilates instructor training reformerExam

After the successful completion of the course and study hours, students are ready for the Exam of Polestar Pilates qualification. We will measure, validate and confirm your level competency as an effective Pilates teacher. The Polestar qualification is really respected all over the world.

Reformer Qualification Exam Price: USD 360.00 (Not included in price of Reformer Qualification)


Providing the best in Pilates Instructor education… and still exceeding expectations.

Read more about our students in more than 40 countries – click HERE

Polestar Continuing Education & Advanced Teacher Training.

Polestar Pilates Continuing Education course provide to teachers how to take their skills to the next level by teachingand pushing them to think and be more creative.

All our course are conducted by highly regarded and international presenters. Our course are in English with a local translator, our book are also in English and Thai language.

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Principle Educator – Samantha Robinson

Samantha-Robinson-polestar-pilates-the balance

Sam began her career studying dance and performance arts in her native Sydney, Australia. She adapted her classical training to the fitness industry which bought her to seek new challenges in Hong Kong via Sydney and London and completed an MSc. in Exercise Science in 2007.
More recently Sam has added Pilates to her repertoire, studying Polestar Pilates Matwork, Allegro and Studio. After the required intensive apprenticeship period, Sam qualified as a Polestar Educator in Mat, Allegro and Studio and is a Mentor for all Certifications. She is also a Polestar Pilates Examiner for Mat and Allegro.
Sam’s broad experience in dance and fitness has proved beneficial to her development as a Pilates instructor, bringing a wealth of knowledge to impart to her clients. She is also is a regular guest instructor and staff trainer at Chiva Som Health Resort, Thailand and is a regular Health and Fitness convention presenter.
Sam has worked for Dawnna Wayburne at Iso Fit Pilates studio in Hong Kong since 2002. Since 2004 she has taught Polestar Pilates courses all over Asia and has presented workshops and masterclasses at Polestar Pilates Asia and International Conferences and Retreats.


Since 2006, Sam has been the Mentorship Programme Organiser at Iso Fit, Hong Kong

Since 2004, Sam has been an Educator for Polestar Pilates Asia

Since 2002, Same has been a Pilates and GYROTONIC instructor at Iso Fit

Pilates Instructor training Polestar Pilates Bangkok


2008 – PMA Pilates Teacher Certificate
2006 – Polestar Studio certification
2003 – Polestar Mat certification
2003 – Body Arts and Science Pilates certification
2002 – Polestar allegro certification
2001 – Schwinn Spin Instructor certification
2000 – Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Nutrition Science
1996 – Diploma of Nutrition Australasian College of Natural Therapies
1995 – Accredited Aqua Fitness Module
1993 – Certificate in Personal Training
1992 – Australian Network Fitness group exercise and personal trainer certification
1988 – EDTA Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dance Teachers certificate

Assistant & Translator – Jidapa Niyomsrisakool

polestar pilates Thailand pilates instructor training bangkok 1

Jida began her career as YogaFly instructor and become an educator. She continues her background study anatomy, Pilates Instructor training Mat and Reformer by Balanced Body and Reformer by Polestar Pilates and will become the first Thai mentor from Polestar Pilates in Thailand.

Anatomy in House Course – Siraphat Ruengmanee (Gale)

polestar pilates Thailand pilates instructor training bangkok 2

Certificated of Tablas Surf School (July,2015)
Certificate for Essential and Intermediate Level Mat and Reformer by The Pilatest. (2014)
Total Barre exercise (2014)
Certificate for Sport injury treatment training of Department of Sport Education (December, 2013)
Head of sport’s Health Sciences club of Srinakarinwirot University (2012)

Anatomy Course – Topics

  • Planes of movement and which plane of each part of body is
  • Axial skeleton and Appendicular skeleton
  • Muscular system
  • How breathing works and why each type of breathing is important
  • Core muscles and how to activate them
  • Posture problems
  • Sling System



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The international organisation PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) created in 2001 that regulates and recognises the different method of teaching Pilates in the world. A commission in PMA ensures correct teaching Pilates knowledge and protects the legacy of Joseph Pilates Pilates while pulsing in today’s society. The Balance Studio is now one of the 3 schools recommended in Bangkok click HERE

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