Give a Hand to the Core – workshop on hand , shoulder and thoracic fascial connections with the core. (3 hrs)

From 9 – 12 PM

This workshop will teach you how to ‘look’ at your hands , elbow and shoulder to examine faults and advantages in helping to improve your Pilates Exercise Method. Fascial and neurological links will be discussed and experimented on. You will learn new exercise variations with an emphasis on hand, elbow and shoulder placement.

This is great workshop for clients that work on the computer all day, and who works with their hands. Quick and easy to learn you will walk away read to use the exercises in your next class.
Content. Theory based Fascial Connections –

Theory based Neurological implications – Pilates exercises Analysis of fascial Connections of hand to shoulder girdle.

Pelvic Floor and Fascial Connections (3 hrs)

From 1-4 PM

A creative and active approach to Pelvic and Lumber Problems . This Pilates based workshop will inspire you to learn a different approach in Pelvic Floor problems and dysfunctions which usually leeds to Lower Back discomfort. Interesting and easy to use techniques and exercises will be taught in a fun and active way. A brief theory introduction will lead to a more ‘movement’ feel workshop that will leave you satisfied and secure.

Theory based Pelvic Connections – Dysfunctions of the Pelvic Girdle – Pilates exercises Analysis of fascial Connections of the Pelvic – Lumber Girdle.

Serafino Ambrosio, B.Ed, PMA®-CPT, owner of two Pilates and Gyrotonic studios in Rome, Italy, has always been active in the fitness and wellness industry. He completed his Bachelor of Education in PE and Dance in Australia, and is certified by VICFIT, ACE and PMA. His interest in and love for teaching movement and being involved in movement led him to win titles in Aerobic Championships in Australia and Italy.

Currently a Principle Educator and Licensee for Polestar Pilates Italy, Serafino has travelled the world (Russia, Europe, USA, Asia, Australia) teaching Pilates core curriclum and and a variety of workshops at world renowed conventions and institutes. He is certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, and the KMI Method of Structural Integration from Thomas Myers.

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