If you are suffering pain from your shoulder, upper trapezius, neck your daily life will becoming stronger in terms of pain during your time at office or another activity of your life.

What cause the shoulder pain?

Most of persons are now working on computer or looking at mobil phone many hours per day. In this posture of closed chain in front line will have many consequences as:
– Pain on arm, shoulder, trapezius, scapulars, Ql and lower back.
The static position when we are sitting al day and not moving makes our body to become weaker and less ready for normal activity.
many customers who also stay at home feel same pain into shoulder sometimes for reasons of supporting the phone or tablet.

How do you know if you start to have the symptoms?

Are you feeling your thumb stiff and sore, your palmar hand closed, front arm tense ? this are the first signs of danger to suffer pain into the shoulder for poor Posture.
As the Arms have connections to the pectorals minor into ribs 3 to 5 (Ribs link to breathing system), once the arm start to be stiff soon we will feel tension into shoulder, tension into scapular, neck … but this RED LIGHT sensor are not the reason of your pain but the result of wrong posture.

Even this tension on Pectoralis minor can restrict the movement into the rib cage breathing system and reducing the hydration of the disc connected to this rigid ribs.
We are always thinking the results of shoulder frozen or chronic pain stop at the shoulder… in our Pilates & Physio treatment we are focus more into global vision.

That s why most of the time a rehabilitation from the posture, breathing pattern, motor control will help to improve our daily posture and reduce risk of shoulder chronic pain.

Is it the shoulder pain usual for all ages?

Senior: Most of our seniors with less range of motion and activity are losing capacities to move, in this range of age the non activity can bring retrictions of mobility into shoulder muscles.

Teenagers: The habits is the key of the right education for a good posture and the new generation are often locked in front of phone, tablets with head forward and tension into arms.
Sports people, Fitness, golfers etc. we always think that active people are always more away from posture problem, actually most of injuries in sports are due to wrong daily posture exported to a sport activity… for example many runners are often people seated all day in front of a computer with tensions in arms and head forward… when the start to run they just keep the same posture and due to wrong alignment of pelvic, chest and less range of motion of arms are using heels over striking getting pain and injuries.

What kind of pain should be taken to see a doctor?

We are always recommending to the a specialist in case of sharp pain affecting your sleeping mode or normal life… most of the time you will be recommended by doctors to take some pain killer affecting like that to your entire body… and yes this pain killer will remove your pain and this is a fast solution to return to normal life but this is not the solution for long term

What is happen if you do not solve the shoulder pain?

At The Balance we always thinking larger and global opposite than normal vision as hospital of normal physiotherapy who always keep them focus on the place where the pain is… we are always take in consideration where is your pain but our difference is we will think about what is the reason of this pain and which pattern is the reason of this pain?
Understanding the pattern, we will be able to reset your pattern and build a new way to engage and balance your muscles to reduce unbalanced muscles reason of the majority of the pain into our body.

Is it necessary surgery for your chronic pain?

We always ask our customer to try a conservative vision of the solution for a shoulder pain… first we will try to understand the reasons for this pain and create a strategy of exercises at studio and at home, we will also treat the pain by our Physiotherapist if necessary and realise manual therapy and Myofascia release to reduce the limitation of motion. We have in the past a long list of successful cases of customers who supposed to get surgery and after sessions of exercises and treatment get back to normal range of motion.

We are also specialist in shoulder post surgery exercises to reduce the effect of surgery into the anatomy of the shoulder and helping the customer to recover mobility. In some cases the surgery of one shoulder bring compensation into the opposite shoulder and make necessary also a surgery … Remember when you get surgery you stop to move and the other shoulder will start to be over active getting problems soon.
This is the reason we recommend a conservative strategy … the short cut way to solve the pain as surgery always bring more problems of compensations.

How it is the Exercises Method?

We are specialist in treatment and protocol for Frozen shoulders, Shoulder chronic pain – How it works?

  • Body reading: Analysis of your alignment, posture and how your body is organised.
  • Body Assessment: Analysis of your body alignment in motion, different exercises to observe muscles imbalanced to create different strategy at studio and for your home work.
  • Explanation of exercises, practicing and learning how your body react to different movements. Learning how to correct by yourself the muscles imbalanced.
  • We are using:
    • Pilates exercises with all equipment and machines to isolate muscles, elongating short muscles, re balancing all directions of movements.
    • For some specific cases we will apply Myofascia manual therapy to release tension in soft tissues and make the articulation moving in all directions.
    • Motor control reset by exercises who push muscles to shaking more reseting the pattern of mobility of shoulder muscles.
    • Physiotherapist exercises to improve mobility of tendons y ligaments.
shoulder pain

Motor Control

In this case we used Oov equipment and shacking technics to reset wrong pattern of mobility .

The daily life and habits make people develop wrong pattern of mobility using only same muscles and reducing other important muscles – The results is often called Frozen shoulder but many times is a problem of motor control and how to reset it. In 1 hour the customer was feeling more free to move.

Result after 1 hour exercises with Pilates Myofascia Release

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